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Plan to join Seabrook Island Village for another enlightening workshop for the entire community:

Cybersecurity: How to Protect Yourself in an Online World

Date:            Thursday, June 2, 2022

Time:           4:00 pm

Place:           Oyster Catcher Community Center

Have you or someone you know been the victim of an online scam? Do you know how to identify a scam? How can you avoid being a victim?

Chad Droze, an Information Technology (IT) consultant, has been servicing homes and businesses on Seabrook Island for over 15 years at the Post & Computer Center in Freshfields Village. His presentation will address how to protect yourself online against the latest scams that hackers attempt every day on unsuspecting victims. Plan to join us so you can:

    • Learn the sneaky ways and methods that crooks use to lure you into a false sense of security.
    • Hear about real life hacking examples that have happened to Chad’s customers.
    • Listen to why cyber-crime is so lucrative for the hackers who perform them.
    • Learn tips to protect yourself online. 


Space is limited and registration is required. Click here or call 843-580-2088.


Seabrook Island Village (SIV), Neighbors Helping Neighbors, provides services through a group of trained and vetted volunteers with the goal of helping members of all ages remain independent and active in the community.

Some of the services we provide, just to name a few, are transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping, help with basic home chores (e.g., lifting heavy boxes, changing batteries in smoke alarms, taking garbage bins to and from curbside, etc.), computer/electronic assistance, daily check-in calls and caregiver relief. For a full list of services, see Member Benefits.

Annual membership is $180/year per person. We also offer a temporary membership for $25/month for those with short term needs.   (e.g., surgeries, rehab appointments, etc.).

Note: Some services may be limited due to Covid-19.