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Seabrook Island Village (SIV), Neighbors Helping Neighbors, provides services through a group of trained and vetted volunteers with the goal of helping members of all ages remain independent and active in the community.

Some of the services we provide, just to name a few, are transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping, help with basic home chores (e.g., lifting heavy boxes, changing batteries in smoke alarms, taking garbage bins to and from curbside, etc.), computer/electronic assistance, daily check-in calls and caregiver relief. For a full list of services, see Member Benefits.

Annual membership is $200/year per person. We also offer a temporary membership for $30/month for 3 months for those with short term needs.   (e.g., surgeries, rehab appointments, etc.).


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Brain Heath with Age Seminar, 10/21/2023

Co-hosted by:

Seabrook Island Village and The Town of Seabrook Island

The Seabrook Island Community event, held at the Lake House, was an overwhelming success: standing room only, with over 140 attendees!

Photos courtesy of Rob Bavier

MUSC Neuropsychologists, Dr. Travis Turner and Dr. Andrea Sartori, presented an informative and entertaining lecture.

Participants learned about normal brain functioning versus the other kind, including tips to promote brain health to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment with age. 

Brain health assessments are available through MUSC.