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Seabrook Island Village (SIV) would like to welcome you to our neighbor-to-neighbor volunteer support network. We are pleased that you share our belief in the mission to help members stay active and engaged in the community.  We encourage local residents of all ages and backgrounds, whether with specific skills or pure enthusiasm about contributing in their community, to volunteer. You may serve as a volunteer on a regular or occasional basis and you are free to accept or decline opportunities. Your skills, interests, and availability will be matched to fit the needs of our members, prioritizing your personal schedule and abilities.


How the Network Functions

The volunteer network of a Village is unique. Volunteers within the network are scheduled according to members’ needs. When members request a service, they are matched to a volunteer according to his or her skill, location, and availability, and arrange for the service to be completed. 


Expectations of Volunteers

Volunteers participating in Seabrook Island Village’s program will strive to enhance the experience of community members where and when needed. 

Volunteers expect to improve the quality of life for the Seabrook Island Village members.

Seabrook Island Village expects that there is an unspoken agreement between members and volunteers to treat one another with dignity and respect one another.

The Village model is based on the ‘goodwill’ principle. Neighbors take care of each other and the community as a whole thrives. However, Seabrook Island Village also expects volunteers to follow the specific guidelines and policies presented to them.


Services Provided

Transportation can be provided for medical appointments, trips to the local pharmacy, grocery shopping at Freshfields, trips to ACE Hardware and rides to social/cultural events on Seabrook and Kiawah Islands. Members should make requests as soon as an appointment is set to allow time for a Volunteer to schedule. Grocery requests and other shopping requests are limited to one time a month for transportation.  Volunteer ordering of groceries and other products online (the internet) can be one-time or as frequently as is agreed upon with the Member.  Member transportation requests are limited to 4 per week.

Basic home chores and maintenance include replacing batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, replacing overhead light bulbs, and replacing air filters. Chores may include moving a heavy object, using a step ladder, unpacking/putting away groceries and helping with simple computer/ electronic/TV remote issues. Members are expected to provide necessary supplies. Requests for services not listed will be performed at the discretion of the SIV volunteer team. Major repair work is not within the scope of our program.

Companionship visits are provided to members who are housebound, either temporarily or longer-term, for purposes of providing social contact. All visits are generally scheduled for once or twice a week for no more than two hours. The visit may include activities of interest to the member, such as conversation, letter writing, reading aloud, watching television, and playing games.

Caregiver relief visits are provided to members in their home to give the family caregiver an opportunity to leave the home for a short while. Caregivers are asked to complete a form which includes information about how they can be reached during the caregiver visit. Caregiver visits are limited to once per week for four hours or twice per week for two hours.

Reassuring calls are provided for members who live alone and would like a personal call to check on their well-being each weekday morning. If a member knows they will not be home to respond to the call, they must contact SIV in advance.


Application Process

The application process is as follows. First, complete the volunteer application form on our website, which will help us get to know the services you are interested in providing. Next, there will be a background check initiated online. Then, we will work with you to fill out a more detailed application. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the Village, contact us through this website, by email at, or by phone 843-212-7181. Leave a message.  If your call is received during business hours - 9 to 5, M thru F - we will return your call that day.  Otherwise, we will get back to you the next business day)

If you are aware of someone who might be interested in volunteering with Seabrook Island Village, please have them contact us.